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Saturday, February 19, 2011

DiSK Induction Day

Ok guys. Sorry for no update for a very long time. We facing some problem regarding to time and technical problem. Really sorry. Anyway here we like to share our last time activity..
Its is about our Induction day:-
This event is participate by our part 1 and 2 student.. And its is organize by our part4 student.. haha.. Yeah its sounds like senior "bullying" the junior.. No la..  It is the day where junior get to know upper junior(part4 is not a senior ok.. :p) and upper junior get to know junior..
Ok this event started from the morning with a lil bit speech and group division. After that a lil bit aerobic before we start the first games thats is EXPLORE RACE.

the Explore Race
Next session in the evening, it was a group with "facy" session, where each group go through a lil bit of ice breaking and games and a discussion plus rehearsal  for the "malam kebudayaan".
the "facy" :)
And the last session is the night session, we having "malam kebudayaan" which each group need to present either
drama, dancing, "sketsa" ,singing, or "koir". Lastly the day end with giving the hamper to all the winner.
They doing their task

Hoping that everyone were enjoy the day. Thank you for the cooperation.

p/s: actually there are many more pictures. But, the internet here are very slow, so we are sorry . Anyway enjoy the pictures...!


Shairazi said...

hahahah nasib baik gmbar aku xde dlm ini post...